Murals as a way to decorate your “Stronghold”.

The mural painting of modern times varies from one city to another and from one country to another. Have you ever seen murals? Do you like them? If you have never seen them I’ll show you some of the best, if you don’t like them I’ll try to show you that it’s really beautiful and amazing kind of art. Actually, a mural is any piece of artwork, which was painted on a wall, ceiling, floor or other surface. Murals date back to Upper Paleolithic times and many ancient murals have survived. Today murals are painted in a great variety of ways. People use oil and water-based paints. Not only technique varies but also the styles. It can be something from abstract pictures to trompe-l’œil masterpieces. Trompe-l’œil is a French term for “fool” or “trick the eye”. It’s an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting. Murals can be printed and painted. I’d like to talk about painted as they are more natural, as I think.

Murals have different purposes from advertising to attractive. Advertising murals were traditionally painted onto buildings and shops. Most of rural towns use murals to create tourist attractions in order to increase economic income. Murals can be public and private. Many people just like to express their individuality that is why they pay to an artist to paint a mural in their home. People create most of private murals for bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms or children’s bedrooms. You can see public commissions on the walls of schools, hospitals, restaurants. These pictures help to achieve a pleasing and welcoming atmosphere.

Below you’ll see some amazing murals which I found.

For example, that one – “BUFFALO TWINS” is painted on the theme of unity and diversity, as part of the cooperative centennial project in Lloydminster. It was created by Louis Lavoies. This mural mosaaic is not one work it’s a composite of the works of over 300 artists, who contributed small equal sized pictures. No one knew that the end result would be seen only when all pictures will be gathered together.

This mural you can find in Memphis, Tennessee. Where exactly? – In downtown Memphis, on the eastern side of the Toof Building. Its author is Thomas R Machnitzki. It was painted by Chicago mural artist Jeff Zimmerman. The mural “A Note of Hope” is the tallest piece of public art in the city. It’s impossible not to notice vivid colors and every time you look at it you can notice something new. “A Note of Hope” is a great example of Memphians teaming up to transform something bare and ugly into something interesting and beautiful.

We’ve already spoken about the style called trompe l’oeil. Now you have to see some works in which this style is used. Above some works of John Pugh, a specialist in 3D effect Murals, are represented. At first glance, it looks as if some natural disaster has shaken away the walls of these buildings to reveal architecture hidden for thousands of years. All these masterpieces can be found in such cities of California as Los Gatos, Chico and some other.  John Pugh’s breathtaking 3d murals are now on show at various places around the world.

I hope you liked this article.


Pimp your refrigerator or buy a new one from Maytag.

If you make any type of repair at home you can always change something. What to do if you decided to change the color of your walls in the kitchen and your old kitchen equipment doesn’t suit your new walls any more? Of course you can repaint your fridge and all other appliances. If you have huge budget you can buy new equipment from Maytag for example.

Maytag takes the refrigerators to new standards of style and function. Maytag revolutionizes the traditional refrigerators. Let’s see what Maytag can offer you. Look at this beauty MFI2569VEB. It has a convenient, intelligent design and looks just perfect it your kitchen. This French door refrigerator is almost sure to be a big hit in your kitchen. The MFI2569VEB features an exclusive Beverage Chiller, it keeps your drinks up to five degrees colder than in the rest of the refrigerator. The design of the Maytag MFI2569VEB was no accident. French door design was chosen for one thing, the bottom-mount necessity of a French door design keeps the food you use most right at eye level. The freezer has a SmoothClose door system with glide-out drawer which makes you fridge to give you easy access to all of your chilled food. French door allows you to open only one side of the fridge, so it leaves more place for you to travel in the kitchen easier and to have more placement options. Opening only half of the fridge lets out much less cold air, so your food stays at a more stable temperature. The MFI2569VEB makes excellent use of an electronic QuadCool system to keep your food as fresh as the day it left the supermarket. The BrightSeries lighting system will make sure you’re not in the dark as to what’s you have in storage. The included automatic moisture control keeps your food fresher by ensuring that the air has exactly the right amount of moisture content. Finally, the MFI2569VEB accomplishes all this while still maintaining current ENERGY STAR certification.

Big, stylish and Eco friendly, the new Maytag side by side fridge freezer offers the latest in refrigeration technology, capacity and convenience. was designed in such a way that it makes food looking and tasting better for longer, so you have no need to do frequent trips to the supermarket. This Maytag fridge has 505 litre net capacity. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 side by side fridge freezer is in the list of the most energy efficient refrigerators on the today’s market. It uses up to 25% less energy than appliances with an ‘A’ energy class rating, and 45% less that those with a ‘B’ class rating. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 is fitted with IntelliSense advanced electronic technology for the Maytag company. It means that this side by side fridge ensures better food conservation because it uses special internal sensors to monitor and control the temperature to, so food stays fresher for longer. After the door has been opened many refrigerators loose a huge quantity of cold air that needs to be restored. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 solved this problem as it has the ability to restore the required temperature up to five times faster than a conventional fridge.

Well, I have chosen one of those for my home, if you don’t like that one, you may visit Maytag web site for more information, as there are plenty of fridges that they can offer you. If you don’t like Maytag for some reasons, you can choose any other manufacture.

Sleep is the chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Since we spend around one-third of our entire lives asleep, we need to be sure that we spend this one third of our lives with comfort. Are you agree? I think your answer will be positive, as our leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night. For many people sleep is simply a break – the only real way to get away from the real world with all its troubles, trifles and concerns. Enough sleep and rest helps your body. Some people need four or five hours’ sleep. Some people need seven hours’ sleep and more. When the general norm is eight hours. But we all similar in one thing – we need sleep, sound sleep.

You know when you’ve had “enough” sleep because you feel well rested, energized and alert. But not all kinds of sleep are equally useful. What can I do to sleep more deeply and restfully? Of course, you need to buy a good mattress. What do you mean when you think about good mattresses? As for me, it should be not really soft and of big size, check most popular beds reviews. The better is your bed – the better is your sleep.

Let me tell you some words about Better Bedding. Better Bedding is a sleep shop chain which consists of 10 stores in Connecticut. This company offers mattresses since 1976. Why I decided to talk about Better Bedding? Well, because this chain sells high-quality mattresses and has huge history. All because Better Bedding was recently sold to Sleepy’s, so Wholley family to whom Better Bedding belonged are out of the business now. However Sleepy’s is going to use the Better Bedding name and keep the stores open although the company was bought up by Sleepy’s at the beginning of May 2010. The company has a name synonymous with integrity and professionalism. And that is a shame, because the Wholleys ran a first-rate business and did an excellent job of meeting their customers’ needs for many years. It happened because Better Bedding suffered during the industry’s downturn, like most of retailers. It nearly became a bankrupt but then filed in connection with the nation’s largest mattress specialty chain with roughly 690 stores in 13 states – Sleepy’s, which promised earlier payment to the creditors.  A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge approved the sale and the chain was sold to Sleepy’s for $965,000. Last year, due to the same 11th Chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Cod, Sleepy’s acquired

Now Sleepy’s has so called price guarantee, it promises to beat anyone’s price by at least 20% or it’s free!  I think it’s a good kind of guarantee as many people argued that mattresses from Better Bedding are of good quality but the price is too high and it’s better to buy from Pilgrim City, Bedding Barn, Costco or Ikea because they sell mattresses two times cheaper. Now Sleepy’s tries to offer not only the best quality but also competitive prices.

A good quality mattress is the first step, but very important. I thought you may be interested in reading some of the points contained in this post about comfortable mattresses from Better Bedding.

As our fashion dresses our bodies, wallpaper dresses our walls.

Wallpapers are expression of our soul, mood, life style and of course they show how we fill fashion. Some people might say that wallpapers are just paper that was created by someone to cover our walls, not a big deal. I don’t think so. Wallpapers are one aspect of interior decoration and, at the same time, a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings. Modern wallcoverings are diverse. As you all know they can come either plain (so that it can be painted), or with patterned graphics. Both of them can help you show the power of your imagination.

This staff thought which we how our designer abilities and express our filling first appeared on this Earth in the 16th century and became really popular. Very few samples of the earliest pattern wallpapers survived, but don’t worry we have plenty of really great designers and manufactures who can make our dreams and wishes come true. England and France always were leaders in European wallpaper manufacturing. And now they still keep up with the times. But let me represent you an American company which sells wallpapers all over the world, a company which has a good name worldwide. Let me tell you some facts about Graham & Brown. They sell wallpapers and wall art in Germany, Canada, France, Netherlands, China, Russia and in the US. Graham & Brown prides itself on its initiatives in the wallcovering market. Graham & Brown wallpapers are perfect for creating either a bold feature or a boudoir atmosphere as designs are original. Graham & Brown invested lots in their brands, developed great partnerships with designers, and from year to year develop markets with innovative products.

Graham & Brown we one of the first companies who began to work in cooperation with high-profile designers such as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Kelly Hoppen, Julien Macdonald, Marcel Wanders, Hemingway Design and Linda Barker.Recently some new collections were represented to the customers of Graham & Brown. They were Amy Butler’s (US) collection of wallpapers and Kelly Hoppen’s (UK) designs, which launched at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York last month. New designs were unveiled. Kelly Hoppen is a world renowned designer who has pioneered a simple, yet opulent style.  Amy Butler is known for her midwest modern style, which combines fresh prints that really look great as wallpapers.

Nowadays everybody’s crazy about eco friendly things. Eco friendly wallpapers came back into vogue a couple of years ago now, but we’re still crazy about such design ideas. That is why about a month ago Graham & Brown presented their first Environmentally Friendly collection, the ECO Collection. World famous design college Central St. Martins (London) agreed to design wallpaper featuring an Eco theme. It was made as part of Graham & Brown’s on-going investment in young talent. People are crazy about the color and large scale print of Graham & Brown eco-friendly wallpapers. They are designed with flowers, bright and dark spots, plus, the inks are water-based, no VOC and made from paper that’s from FSC-certified managed timber sources. All these samples take its inspiration from nature, with beautiful floral patterns and colors both vibrant and subtle. Please note, if you are not sure whether these wallpaper suit you, you can order samples of any Eco wallpapers just for £1 (about $1.5) per sample. Wallpapers themselves can be bought at a cost from 25$ per roll and up to 190$. So, average cost for Graham & Brown wallpapers is $50 per roll.

I think, these beautiful wallpapers have just become my favorite ones. And what do you think?

Over 12 Million Consumers Have Trusted ServiceMagic. Have you?

Home is your sacred place. If to compare you home with a lamp then you have to keep putting oil in it to keep it burning. I mean you need to maintain your lodging every day. You hate when something goes wrong with your stronghold, with you house? You don’t want to look for professionals for a long time if something happened to it? Need a local home improvement professional? You never know where assistance comes from. If you need something fixed, it’s better turn to professionals, I think they know better what to do if your electricity suddenly turned off, if you have a lick or

Of course you can browse internet about two hours or more and finally find the right person. But if you want to save your time you can just do two actions: start you browser and find the site called servicemagic. I suppose it can help you. As search work was done for you by the servicemagic staff. They have both lots of different home improvement services and professionals who can help you.

Servicemagic is an exclusive Internet resource. It operates in the United States and Canada. Servicemagic created in order to help independent residential service professionals realize the benefits of an organized, contractor group through the combination of savings, community and education.

Main mission of servicemagic is to connect homeowners to prescreened service professionals. If you have any comments of complaints about the work which was done by servicemagic professionals please send them to their customer service. As their team firmly believes that every interaction is an opportunity to create a customer for life. Servicemagic can listen, care, and act to exceed their expectations and provide the best service. By the way, ServiceMagic is an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp and in February 2010, the company launched, its B2B portal for commercial maintenance and improvement work.

A lot of things were told, but how it really works? Let’s find out. Well, everything is really simple, you just need to do four things and your home improvement wishes will come true! These four things are:

-Choose a category (Professional of what sphere do you need?)

-Describe Your Need (What’s your project?)

-Choose you location (It’s necessary to find the professional, who can help you as quickly as possible)

-Get Matched to Pros (You will see all available staff)

So you just go to the servicemagic website and complete a free service request form, which includes steps mentioned above. And sure the appropriate professionals will be sent to you.

The company uses its proprietary technology to instantly route the request to service members who have indicated an interest in leads in that specific area and field of work. As soon as you finished with these four steps you will be sent the service professionals’ profile information, contact information, past Customer Ratings & Reviews and a link to each professional’s Website.

Many people turned to them and solved their home improvement problems. It’s better to use servicemagic as it’s near you, it’s free, and it’s quick.

It’s not enough just to build your home, you have to maintain it

You home is the most safe and most warm place in the galaxy. There you take care of your child; there you relax after hard work, there you watching TV. The interior at home should to be disparate from your office. The things which give up your soul remind the sweet moments of life and help to fell yourself alive and calm. Without these special things every home is a standard abode and every room – the box for daily wants. Let tell the true – these things are the spirit of home, time and occupants. You love your home and you never want to have some problems with electricity, gas, pipes, walls etc. But life is such a thing which can not pass without troubles.

You bought you home about 10 years ago and now it needs to be repaired a bit. A floor is the walking surface of a room and also one of the most important parts of your house, after the walls and a roof. You constantly walk on it. So your floor needs to be good or the best ( A floor can be made of many different materials, including concrete, tiling, stone, wood, bamboo, metal, or any other material that can hold a person’s weight. Floors vary from simple dirt in a cave to many-layered surfaces using modern technology.

So you want to change you floor for something more new and modern. There are more flooring options than ever before, but so much variety can lead to confusion. How do you choose which floor best suits to your space?

You need to keep in mind three main things. When choosing a floor you should know: amount of traffic, your room type and budget. Every single room has its own needs. But in our case you know the type of all rooms, so we can just skip it. Then you should consider how much traffic will be going through that room. We did two of three things, now the most important one comes up – you should consider how much you want to spend on your flooring, as in influences on terms and the flooring you choose. Floors are an expensive part of redecorating – the right decision can save you money and make life easier. What ever you choose: hardwood planks, wall to wall carpets or something else – you just need to remember that the floor covering is to fit your lifestyle.

Which kind of floor can offer you natural beauty with tough wearing surfaces? they are stone, bamboo and cork tile flooring. Which kind of floor is easy to maintain and fists the budget most? Of course it’s a laminate floor, linoleum floor or resilient vinyl flooring. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are classic and hardwearing. Most people choose hardwood flooring because it is warm, has natural look and it adds value to any home. Hardwood is one of the most popular options these days because the elegance of this type of flooring will add character to any room in your home. Recent advancements in technology and manufacturing have made it possible for wood floors to be installed easily over almost any kind of sub-flooring. The increase in demand has also given rise to a higher quality and variety of finishes for the wood. There are three types of wood floors that can be purchased today: strip, plank, and long strip.

Floating floors can be of various shapes, colors and of course textures. There are several types of floating floors available for people to buy. They are: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and cork. Each type has various prices, designs and colors. Most hardwood types come with a pre-finished surface, some of which can be sanded and refinished. Floating floors have both weak and strong points, like the most flooring installation methods. Floating floors are best left out of rooms that are humid and wet, such as bathrooms. The moisture can cause harm to your flour. It will collect under the wood, above the sub floor and rot the both. A weak point of floating floors is that they are louder than traditional attached floors. When you walk it often produces a hollow sound or a squeaking noise. To help control noise sometimes special pads which are laid underneath the flooring are used. It’s important to install a floating floor on the completely level surfaces. It’s difficult or impossible to fit the pieces of flooring together if the subfloor is not completely leveled. Improper installation can cause problems with the flooring later on, so it is important to note this fact.

I hope you will make a right choice.