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Pimp your refrigerator or buy a new one from Maytag.

If you make any type of repair at home you can always change something. What to do if you decided to change the color of your walls in the kitchen and your old kitchen equipment doesn’t suit your new walls any more? Of course you can repaint your fridge and all other appliances. If you have huge budget you can buy new equipment from Maytag for example.

Maytag takes the refrigerators to new standards of style and function. Maytag revolutionizes the traditional refrigerators. Let’s see what Maytag can offer you. Look at this beauty MFI2569VEB. It has a convenient, intelligent design and looks just perfect it your kitchen. This French door refrigerator is almost sure to be a big hit in your kitchen. The MFI2569VEB features an exclusive Beverage Chiller, it keeps your drinks up to five degrees colder than in the rest of the refrigerator. The design of the Maytag MFI2569VEB was no accident. French door design was chosen for one thing, the bottom-mount necessity of a French door design keeps the food you use most right at eye level. The freezer has a SmoothClose door system with glide-out drawer which makes you fridge to give you easy access to all of your chilled food. French door allows you to open only one side of the fridge, so it leaves more place for you to travel in the kitchen easier and to have more placement options. Opening only half of the fridge lets out much less cold air, so your food stays at a more stable temperature. The MFI2569VEB makes excellent use of an electronic QuadCool system to keep your food as fresh as the day it left the supermarket. The BrightSeries lighting system will make sure you’re not in the dark as to what’s you have in storage. The included automatic moisture control keeps your food fresher by ensuring that the air has exactly the right amount of moisture content. Finally, the MFI2569VEB accomplishes all this while still maintaining current ENERGY STAR certification.

Big, stylish and Eco friendly, the new Maytag side by side fridge freezer offers the latest in refrigeration technology, capacity and convenience. was designed in such a way that it makes food looking and tasting better for longer, so you have no need to do frequent trips to the supermarket. This Maytag fridge has 505 litre net capacity. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 side by side fridge freezer is in the list of the most energy efficient refrigerators on the today’s market. It uses up to 25% less energy than appliances with an ‘A’ energy class rating, and 45% less that those with a ‘B’ class rating. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 is fitted with IntelliSense advanced electronic technology for the Maytag company. It means that this side by side fridge ensures better food conservation because it uses special internal sensors to monitor and control the temperature to, so food stays fresher for longer. After the door has been opened many refrigerators loose a huge quantity of cold air that needs to be restored. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 solved this problem as it has the ability to restore the required temperature up to five times faster than a conventional fridge.

Well, I have chosen one of those for my home, if you don’t like that one, you may visit Maytag web site for more information, as there are plenty of fridges that they can offer you. If you don’t like Maytag for some reasons, you can choose any other manufacture.