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Sleep is the chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Since we spend around one-third of our entire lives asleep, we need to be sure that we spend this one third of our lives with comfort. Are you agree? I think your answer will be positive, as our leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night. For many people sleep is simply a break – the only real way to get away from the real world with all its troubles, trifles and concerns. Enough sleep and rest helps your body. Some people need four or five hours’ sleep. Some people need seven hours’ sleep and more. When the general norm is eight hours. But we all similar in one thing – we need sleep, sound sleep.

You know when you’ve had “enough” sleep because you feel well rested, energized and alert. But not all kinds of sleep are equally useful. What can I do to sleep more deeply and restfully? Of course, you need to buy a good mattress. What do you mean when you think about good mattresses? As for me, it should be not really soft and of big size, check most popular beds reviews. The better is your bed – the better is your sleep.

Let me tell you some words about Better Bedding. Better Bedding is a sleep shop chain which consists of 10 stores in Connecticut. This company offers mattresses since 1976. Why I decided to talk about Better Bedding? Well, because this chain sells high-quality mattresses and has huge history. All because Better Bedding was recently sold to Sleepy’s, so Wholley family to whom Better Bedding belonged are out of the business now. However Sleepy’s is going to use the Better Bedding name and keep the stores open although the company was bought up by Sleepy’s at the beginning of May 2010. The company has a name synonymous with integrity and professionalism. And that is a shame, because the Wholleys ran a first-rate business and did an excellent job of meeting their customers’ needs for many years. It happened because Better Bedding suffered during the industry’s downturn, like most of retailers. It nearly became a bankrupt but then filed in connection with the nation’s largest mattress specialty chain with roughly 690 stores in 13 states – Sleepy’s, which promised earlier payment to the creditors.  A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge approved the sale and the chain was sold to Sleepy’s for $965,000. Last year, due to the same 11th Chapter of the U.S. Bankruptcy Cod, Sleepy’s acquired

Now Sleepy’s has so called price guarantee, it promises to beat anyone’s price by at least 20% or it’s free!  I think it’s a good kind of guarantee as many people argued that mattresses from Better Bedding are of good quality but the price is too high and it’s better to buy from Pilgrim City, Bedding Barn, Costco or Ikea because they sell mattresses two times cheaper. Now Sleepy’s tries to offer not only the best quality but also competitive prices.

A good quality mattress is the first step, but very important. I thought you may be interested in reading some of the points contained in this post about comfortable mattresses from Better Bedding.