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Over 12 Million Consumers Have Trusted ServiceMagic. Have you?

Home is your sacred place. If to compare you home with a lamp then you have to keep putting oil in it to keep it burning. I mean you need to maintain your lodging every day. You hate when something goes wrong with your stronghold, with you house? You don’t want to look for professionals for a long time if something happened to it? Need a local home improvement professional? You never know where assistance comes from. If you need something fixed, it’s better turn to professionals, I think they know better what to do if your electricity suddenly turned off, if you have a lick or

Of course you can browse internet about two hours or more and finally find the right person. But if you want to save your time you can just do two actions: start you browser and find the site called servicemagic. I suppose it can help you. As search work was done for you by the servicemagic staff. They have both lots of different home improvement services and professionals who can help you.

Servicemagic is an exclusive Internet resource. It operates in the United States and Canada. Servicemagic created in order to help independent residential service professionals realize the benefits of an organized, contractor group through the combination of savings, community and education.

Main mission of servicemagic is to connect homeowners to prescreened service professionals. If you have any comments of complaints about the work which was done by servicemagic professionals please send them to their customer service. As their team firmly believes that every interaction is an opportunity to create a customer for life. Servicemagic can listen, care, and act to exceed their expectations and provide the best service. By the way, ServiceMagic is an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp and in February 2010, the company launched, its B2B portal for commercial maintenance and improvement work.

A lot of things were told, but how it really works? Let’s find out. Well, everything is really simple, you just need to do four things and your home improvement wishes will come true! These four things are:

-Choose a category (Professional of what sphere do you need?)

-Describe Your Need (What’s your project?)

-Choose you location (It’s necessary to find the professional, who can help you as quickly as possible)

-Get Matched to Pros (You will see all available staff)

So you just go to the servicemagic website and complete a free service request form, which includes steps mentioned above. And sure the appropriate professionals will be sent to you.

The company uses its proprietary technology to instantly route the request to service members who have indicated an interest in leads in that specific area and field of work. As soon as you finished with these four steps you will be sent the service professionals’ profile information, contact information, past Customer Ratings & Reviews and a link to each professional’s Website.

Many people turned to them and solved their home improvement problems. It’s better to use servicemagic as it’s near you, it’s free, and it’s quick.